About GnuBIO

Sepehr Kiani, PhD

Vice President General Manager - Digital Biology Center Cambridge


Sepehr leads the engineering efforts at GnuBIO, Inc and is responsible for overall product development and commercialization strategy. Prior to joining GnuBIO, Sepehr was Director of Engineering at Helicos BioSciences (HLCS) where he was a principal architect for Helicos’ high throughput single molecule sequencing platform. He served at Helicos for nearly five years running engineering, service, quality and manufacturing departments. Prior to Helicos, Sepehr was at Teraydne Inc. for over nine years in various capacities, exiting as marketing product manager for Teradyne’s HD-Optix fiber optic product line. He holds 27 patents and 5 pending in areas of semi-conductor equipment, circuit board manufacturing process, electrical and optical interconnect, microfluidic systems, and thermal control. He did his undergraduate work at California Polytechnic University and earned a PhD from MIT in Mechanical Engineering.

Tal Raz, PhD

Head of Molecular Biology - Digital Biology Center Cambridge


Tal has more than eight years of experience in the fields of translational molecular medicine and molecular biology. At Helicos BioSciences (HLCS) she headed RNA assay development for Helicos next generation sequencing platform. Earlier she worked as a research fellow at Childrens Hospital Boston and The Whitehead Institute at the laboratory of George Daley where she developed screening methods for identifying genetic mutations that can confer drug resistance to target-specific cancer-drugs. She has received a Masters of Science in epidemiology from the University of California at Los Angeles, and a PhD in genetics from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.